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Let's talk about how to optimize what you are going to pay for a handyman repair job at home. Most people want to install a ceiling fan and simply call a handyman for that job. But they are not taking advantage of working time. That is why we recommend to make an inspection in your house to make the most of your visit. Simply take paper and pencil and make a list around your house. It would be great if, in addition to installing the ceiling fan, also repair the kitchen sink or the cabinet door, maybe a touch-up of paint in the girl's room or that TV you want to hang on the wall. 

With a plan in mind of what you need to do list, it is easier for your handyman to take into account the schedule for repair. Our rate is $45.00/h or for a fixed Half day's work would be $160.00@$40/h or a Full day's $280.00@$35/h and your entire list is completed. Our workers have to finish a daily schedule so they will  be doing the work professionally but also with a certain degree of speed to meet the demand. Other types of work may require an Estimate Price per Job, not by Hour. All estimates are Free.

Some Ideas for Your to do List

Kitchen: Clean debris from refrigerator coils, Caulking, Grouting, GFI outlet installation, Hang art/mirrors, Install Repair faucet, Install switches, Install Repair, Garbage Disposal, Wall Repair, Painting, Degreasing.

Bathroom: Caulking, Check toilet leaks, Door or lock repair/installation, Grouting, GFI outlet, Install a Fan or Fan Vent, Install dimmer or Switch, Install faucet, Install shelves, Install sink cabinet, Install Repair a toilet, Painting, Unclog Drains, Repair or Replace shower head, Tile installation/repair, Wall repair.

Family Room / Living: Furniture Assembly or Installation, Install mirror or arts, Install fan / Light fixtures, Install or hang a TV, Install window curtains with hardware, Painting, Set Up a home entertainment center, Flooring Repair

Bedroom: Assemble furnitures, Door or lock repair/installation, Hang Art and Mirrors, Install fan or light fixture, Install dimmer switch, Install window curtains with hardware, Mount a TV, Optimize closet space, Wall Repair, Painting.

Exterior: Gym Assemble, Build a shed, Build-replace-repair window screens, Change locks, De rust & paint metal work, Deck sealing, Fence repair - paint, Power washing, Repair or Install doorbell, Window Repair, Clean Repair adjust Gutters, Clean Dryer Vent.

Routine Maintenance: Change light bulbs for LED or Low Power, Check Test smoke and CO detectors, Childproofing the House, Pet furniture Repair or Installation, Holiday decorations install and/or uninstall, Lubricate window tracks and door hinges, Tighten hinges & knobs on cabinets & doors, Retouch Paint Weather Stripping, Change Clean AC Filter.

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How We Schedule

Our Dr. Handyman service must focal point on you, your house, and your "To do list". The arrangement for multiples jobs can throw out the best handyman, leaving no mitigation to deal with unpredicted challenges. As soon you notice how professionally a handyman list works, probable you want to add task to your “To do list” and not let him sprint out the entrance to his next work!

This handyman "To do list" is generally centered in the following jobs ---- carpentry, light electrical, painting, light plumbing, tiling.  In a day, we can tackle a variety of household tasks that otherwise would require to employ different service providers for, saving you time and money. If you don't have a sufficient amount of tasks to fill up a day, think about using us for a half day or by hours.

This is an example "To do list" for a Complete Day: Paint Bedroom, Install a Garbage Disposal, Caulk bathtub, Assemble a Desk and Replace a Toilet Flap $280.00

This is an Example "To do list" for a Half Day: Mount Your TV, Assembly and Install a Ceiling Fan, Change 4 Doorknobs. $160.00

Our Service to you!

  • Set prices Prior any work
  • Start and finish time
  • Trained friendly workers
  • We leave the area clean
  • We work around your schedule
  • We use the proper tools
  • We show up on time
  • We are pet friendly
  • We protect your belongings
  • We use the right materials
  • One Year Parts and Labor Warranty